There are two pricing models for ReByte:

Use ReByte as your team assistant

We charge based on the number of team members. The price is $10 per member per month. Your team members can access all the features of ReByte, including creating tools, knowledge, and assistants, and all LLM models provided by ReByte without worrying about the total usage.

In this model, your team can use API to access all the tools and knowledge created by your team, but subject to fair usage policy.

Use ReByte to build assistant for your customers

If you want to build an assistant for your customers, we charge based on the usage of actions, different type of actions have different price. Here is the price for different type of actions:

  • LLM Actions: actual token cost + $1 per 1000 action calls

  • Other Actions: $1 per 1000 action calls

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