Quick Start

Here we tell you now to create and use knowledge.

Step 1: Create Knowledge

  • Navigate to the "Knowledge" tab in the sidebar and then click "Create Knowledge".
  • Fill in the knowledge information and choose the source type for your knowledge. Here we choose "Self Managed" since we are going to use local files.

Step 2: Upload Files

  • Click "Upload File" and upload your local file.
  • Once uploaded, we will generate a unique document id for your file.
  • Click "Insert Document" to upload this file.
Now you have created your first knowledge!

Step 3: Use Your Knowledge

  • You can search knowledge in the search box and hit ENTER.
Search Results
Or you can use the knowledge in your agent(shown in Step 4).

Step 4: Use Knowledge in Agent

  • Use "Search Knowledge" action and choose the knowledge you want to use.
Search Results
  • You can fill in the query to the knowledge search and set the number of query results you'd like to have.
  • The results are the same as searching in the "Knowledge" page