Design Your Agent

  • In the auto-generated template, we have already created some actions for you.

  • Add a "Knowledge Search" action using the plus button between different actions.

  • Choose the knowledge base you just created and set the number of results. This action allows you to perform a search on the given knowledge base and return the results.

  • You can see all the search results in the chunks.

  • For better usage, we have three "Code" actions in this agent.

    • The first one is to extract content from the latest message.

    • The second "Code" action is to concatenate the results from the "Knowledge Search" action.

    • We use another "Code" action called "Generate Answer" to concatenate the search results and the response.

  • Now use a "Language Model Chat Interface" action to get a response based on the search results.

  • Write the instructions for the model in the editor, describing what you want the model to do. And the model will generate a response for you.

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