Chat with Notion

Today I'm going to show you how to use Notion pages as a knowledge base for GPT.

Step 1: Create Knowledge with Notion

  • Navigate to the Knowledge page and create a new knowledge.

  • Fill in the name and description of the knowledge.

  • Since we are using Notion as the knowledge base, we need to select Notion as the knowledge source.

  • Choose a chunk size and create knowledge.

  • Connect your Notion account to ReByte and choose the page you want to use.

  • Now you should have your knowledge of the content from Notion.

Step 2: Clone Agent

  • In Community select the tab "GPT Builder Actions" and click “knowledge_search_agent_for_gpts”

  • copy it to your own project

Step 3: Select your knowledges and Deploy it

  • Find the action called RETRIEVALS and select the knowledge you created

  • Run TestCases and deploy it

If want to know how to design this agent, see here.

Step 4: Create GPTs with ReByte API

  • Fill in the name, description, and avatar for your GPTs.

  • Copy and paste the OpenAPI code for the corresponding version of your ReByte Agent into the Action of GPTs, and set Authentication as API Key.

  • Fill in ReByte's API key (Select Bearer for Auth Type).

  • Save and release your GPTs!

  • Now you can use it!

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