Here, we will introduce some basic concepts and show you how to test your agent.

Create Testing Dataset

  • Datasets are used to test your agent. You can create a testing dataset by clicking the "Create Dataset" button in the dataset list page.

Test and Debug

  • Once you've created the testing dataset, you can go the the "design" page and choose the dataset.

  • click the "Run TestCases" button to run the agent with your selected dataset.

  • The running results will be shown under each action.

  • If there's no bug in the running process, you will see green check marks on the left side.

  • Otherwise, you will see red cross marks on the action that went wrong.

  • After every run, we record the running results in the "Runs" tab. We provide the RunID, the time of the run, the status of the run, and the agent used in the run.

  • Click on the "Run ID" of each run to see the details of the run.


  • If you would like your testing to more flexible, you can use the playground to test your agent.

  • You should make extensive use of this capability to test your agent before publishing.

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