• The Input Action is used to send input information to the Agent. Other actions are based on the input information to perform the right operation.

  • The first action in the Agent must be an Input Action, you can not delete it or copy it.

  • You can select different input datasets to run your agent. For more information about datasets, please refer to Datasets.


You can use the input by using the {{INPUT.message}} variable in the instructions or env.state.INPUT.messages in the code editor.

Data Format

  • When used in agent page, the input is extracted from the predefined datasets.

  • When connected to Apps, the input is from the app user's input and conversation history. By default, We will put the last 10 messages to the agent.

  • The input data format is as follows:

            "role": "user",
            "content": "The content."
            "role": "assistant",
            "content": "The content."

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