File Loader

The File Loader action can load files previously uploaded to Rebyte either via the Rebyte UI or via API.

A typical use case is you want your agent to process a file uploaded by a user. You can use the File Loader action to load the file and extract data from it.

This Action accepts a file_id as input and returns the extracted data from the file. 'file_id' is a unique identifier of the file uploaded to Rebyte.

We support various data types, including: DOC, DOCX, IMG, EPUB, JPEG, JPG, PNG, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, MD, TXT, RTF, MD, TXT, RTF, RST, PDF, JSON, HTML and EML.


  • Add a File Loader action to your agent and select the file you want to upload to your agent.

  • Specify the file_id of this file and use this unique file_id whenever you want to refer to this file.

  • If you connect your agent to an app, app users can upload files in the app, and the file_id will be passed to the agent.

  • The output of this action is in JSON format, containing extracted data from the file.

Example Agent

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