The Code action is a very frequently used action. It allows you to write Javascript code to process the data from previous actions in any way you want.


General Usage

  • To use the Code action, first add a Code action to your agent.

  • Write any Javascript code here to process the data from previous actions and to send data to the next actions.


  • There's a cache button on the top right of the Code action. If you turn it on, the results will be cached. If the input of Code action and the code are the same, the results will be returned directly from the cache. This can greatly improve the performance of your agent.


  • For example, if the MODEL_CALL action returned a message containing a JSON string like this:"{"location":"New York","weather":"parly couldy","temperatuee":"43"}".

  • And you want to get the "weather" field from this JSON. You can add a Code action(named "CODE_1") and write the following code:

const _fun = (env) => {
  var jsonString = env.state.MODEL_CALL.message.content;
  var jsonObject = JSON.parse(jsonString);
  var weather =;
  return weather;
  • Now you can use {{CODE_1}} or env.state.CODE_1 to get the value of the "weather" field.

Example Agent

You can find the code shown in the example above in the following agent.

Code Action

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